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A Girl's Guide to Missiles
In this episode of the Stratfor podcast, a conversation about military weapons, secret missions and a life lived in a company town, where every employee was a civil servant of the US government. Piper describes a happy childhood, in a home amid the striking vistas of California's mountains, the...
The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray talks to the Hoover Institution.
Yusang-ni: North Korea's ICBM Mountain Silo
The Yusang-ni missile operating base is reported to house ICBMs with first strike capabilities against the United States. CSIS's Victor Cha and Joseph Bermudez explain why Yusang-ni stands out among North Korea's matrix of secret missile operating bases.
Oil Vs. Fish: A Fight For Norway's Soul
Richard Milne, Nordic and Baltic correspondent, visits the stunning Lofoten Islands in northern Norway and finds growing tension between fishermen and environmentalists, and supporters of moves to explore and drill for oil off the islands.
China's First Forest City
In an attempt to tackle air pollution China is planning on building what it says is the first forest city. Video journalist: Charlotte Pamment
Watch Live: Reports Of Terror Incident At London Bridge
Live via Sky News: Police respond to a suspected car attack on London bridge, followed by reported stabbings at the nearby Borough Market grocery store.
Obama Endorses Macron
Former U.S. President Barack Obama endorses French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
Macron: "I Want To Become Your President... To Stand In The Way Of Nationalism"
Emmanuel Macron speaks to supporters after his first round win in the French election.
UK Labour Party Minister vs. Former US State Dept. Official: Is The UK Still A Great Power?
UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and former US State Department adviser Jeremy Shapiro joined BBC's Evan Davis to debate the UK's place on the world stage. Shapiro now serves as a research director at the Eruopean Council on Foreign Relations. "I know that Great Britain has a great...
Trump: "Very Unusual Moves Made" By North Koreans Today; China Is "Trying Hard" To Keep Peace
The president explained his conversation with the Chinese President at last month's Chocolate Cake Summit in Palm Beach,
Debate: Should UK Continue Commitment To 0.7% GDP In International Aid?
Theresa May will be publishing a new Conservative manifesto, but how different will it be from what David Cameron announced in 2015? Camilla Cavendish was head of policy for David Cameron, and made a life peer when he left. Andrew Mitchell was the International Development Secretary in his Cabinet....
Trump: Iran Has Not "Lived Up To The Spirit" Of Nuclear Deal
PRESIDENT TRUMP: As far as Iran is concerned, I think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed -- it was a terrible agreement, it shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated. I'm all for agreements, but that was a bad one... They are not living up to...
On The Front Line With South Sudan Rebels
Al Jazeera English: More than 100,000 people have been displaced from the usually calm county of Kajo Keji in South Sudan. The area is now militarised and split between government troops and rebel fighters. The government has been fighting the rebels since 2013 when the ethnic war first...
China Uncensored: Could North Korea Really Start a Nuclear War?
Chris Chappell, host of the 'China Uncensored' web show, looks at the hermit kingdom's ambitions and what China will or will not do to help.
French Election: Le Pen Rallies Support In Marseille
French election: Le Pen rallies support in Marseille. The first round of the French presidential election is set to be held Sunday April 23. One of the candidates expected to do well on Sunday is far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who is polling neck-and-neck with centrist Emmanuel Macron. Al...
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