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The Complicated Geopolitics of Oil Sanctions on Iran

U.S.-Iranian conflict resolution is in flux following withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and it remains unclear whether sanctions will be sufficient to force Iran back to the negotiating table. A...

How did Moqtada al-Sadr Become Iraq's Premier Statesman?

Throughout the Iraq war, Moqtada al-Sadr was a high-profile villain. Now everybody — including the United States — has just gotten used to him.

What Will It Take for Syrian Refugees to Return Home?

International forums have taken for granted that refugees will return to Syria once a political settlement is in place, but it might not be that simple.

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How U.S. Demands Will Roil Iran's Domestic Politics

Rightly or wrongly, the message Tehran is getting from Washington is unambiguous: Forget about the agreement President Barack Obama signed with you and just do what we now dictate, or we will crush...

The Reinvention of Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr

In April 2004, as American troops in Iraq were fighting multiple insurgencies, U.S. officials announced a warrant for the arrest of Muqtada al-Sadr, a young, brash Shiite cleric who had bedeviled the...

Kuwait's Careful Balancing of Iran, Saudi Arabia

The muted responses to the US withdrawal from the Iran deal among smaller Gulf Cooperation Council member states reflect careful policies designed to balance ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iraq's Election May Have Had Widespread Fraud

NAJAF, Iraq — Wednesday marks the deadline in Iraq for reporting incidents of voter fraud. Iraqis from across the political spectrum all say that incidents of cheating were higher this time...

Hamas Will Always Win the PR War, Israel the Military Victories

‘Abomination' is not a word I would ever use for any engagement with enemy forces undertaken in a democratic nation

Elections in Lebanon and Iraq Offer a Glimmer of Hope

The elections in Iraq and Lebanon earlier this month present a fragile but important counterpoint to a region in turmoil. Extremists claim that only violence can bring change; these elections promise...

Saudi Arabia Hits the Brakes on Reforms

Arresting feminists doesn't inspire faith in Mohammed bin Salman's much-hyped reform agenda.

Mike Pompeo Gave the Iran Speech Kerry Should Have Given

In his first major speech as secretary of state — a searing 20-minute stemwinder — Mike Pompeo on Monday laid out the new US strategy toward Iran, following President Trump's decision to...

The Israel-Palestine Standoff

The Israelis were right to defend themselves as a two-state solution grows ever more unlikely.

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