Foreign Policy Corner

The West Remembers Why It Liked U.S. Leadership

Those who grumbled about Pax Americana are being confronted with the alternative.

Trump's Quiet, Profound Geopolitical Failures

China and Russia are bonding, while India has no choice but to quietly reach out to both.

Trumps Foreign Policy Masterstroke

President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Northern Syria is a brilliant strategic move that simultaneously achieves all of our major objectives...

Real Clear Foreign Policy

The United States Should Fear a Faltering China

Beijing's newfound assertiveness is a sign of desperation, not ambition.

Assad Is Now Syrias Best-Case Scenario

The ruthless Syrian dictator is guilty of countless war crimes—and regrettably represents his country's least bad remaining option.

German Reunification Gave Europe a Purpose

Diplomats dealing with North Korea and Iran should review the historical record

Decline Is a Choice

On Trump, Syria, ‘America First,' and a changing world.

Trump Prepares America for Great-Power Competition

Donald Trump is neither a warmonger nor an isolationist. His game plan is to ramp up the pressure and “de-escalate on favorable terms.” And he wants to be prepared for the dangers that...

America Should Embrace Restraint in Dealings With Russia

Dara Massicot of the RAND Corporation believes that the Russians will release a new military doctrine by 2020. Massicot argues that the new Russian military doctrine will contain nine fundamental...

America's Allies Need New Strategies and Partners

India will have to fashion its policies amid this multi-polar flux as US allies chalk up new strategies and partnerships.

Restraint and the Rise of China

Two big ideas threaten to overturn decades of conventional wisdom about how U.S. power should be used overseas. The first idea is a general admonition that the United States should give up its role...

Don't Leave Grand Strategy to the Generals

Gen. James Mattis reads history as a proponent of primacy, that the United States can and should sustain its place as the world's preeminent power and global policeman. This is a primitive...